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A foundation is made up of many components. That is why we recommend a qualified home inspector to perform the the foundation inspection so they can inspect the areas buyers and sellers don’t even think to worry about.


When our certified inspector comes to the property they will inspect the following components:

  1. Cracks- Cracks on the foundation or on walls or floors may indicate that your house has foundation issues. While tiny cracks are perfectly normal, those that are bigger than a ¼ inch may mean that your house is experiencing excessive movement. The inspector will look at their placement and severity.
  2. Sinking and Settling- Settling is usually a common foundation problem. Fractures resulting from foundation settlement may be horizontal, vertical or diagonal. If you fail to address this problem early, your foundation could end up sinking into the earth two to seven inches.
  3. Foundation Upheaval- Causes of foundation upheaval include under-slab plumbing leaks, excessive moisture due to rain, and soil expansion or contraction. In most cases, moisture is the number one culprit. This may be from improper drainage or a plumbing leak. Plumbing leaks in the sewer line have no effect on your water bill and are hard to detect, yet cause immense damage to a concrete slab foundation. On the other hand, a freshwater leak will usually result in puddling water outside the foundation. A freshwater leak can cause a house to heave and drop over twelve inches on one side.
  4. Gaps- Gaps around exterior doors or around window frames could be signs of foundation issues. If the inspector notices that your doors no longer latch properly, this is a common indication of foundation failure.
  5. Uneven Floors- The inspector will look for dipping, bowing, sagging and uneven floors. If there is any sign of these issues this points to foundation damage.

The foundation of the home is the very thing that holds your home in one spot, don’t go blindly into your new home with thousands of dollars in unexpected cost. Give us a call today to schedule your foundation inspection!

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