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Condominiums are the most popular housing choice these days, especially in a bustling city of St.Paul. Those of you hunting for a house or, specifically, a condominium for a living might be knowing the intricacies involved in the process. Looking for a condo is a great housing choice for individuals who understand the importance and value of a favorable location as well as amenities offered as a part of the property without having to maintain the property.

This means, no tiring work of spending hours over the weekend to clean the backyard or any other exhausting activities. There are two basic options to consider when we talk about a condo- you can either buy one or rent one. Just as any other house-hunt, a condo-hunt, too requires certain measures to be checked beforehand to ensure that you make the right pick.

The inspection process contains the following areas of the Condo:

  1. Floors and Ceilings- The inspector will look for spotting on the floors and ceilings. If spots are present, it is a clear indication that there exists some issue with the main roof. Or, there is some water leakage in the building. The inspector will also look for voids or spaces between the flooring of the condo and the baseboards and loose wood planks. They will look at the tiles on the flooring of the condo that may hint that there is water damage or leakage problem in the property and sloping in the flooring. Sloping indicated damaged floors and can turn out to be a major issue that needs to be repaired as soon as possible.
  2. Walls and Windows- The inspector will look for cracks as this could indicate problems with the foundation and roughness on the walls thats could be caused by moisture issues that are not seen visually. The inspector will look at the windows for spotting, condensation, if the seals are working properly and if the test the windows to see if they move smoothly.
  3. Kitchen and Bathroom- The inspector will check the fixtures as well as the appliances in both these spaces of the condos. They will also look that there are no gaps or hollow spaces in the caulking and ensure that all the fittings are proper for the furniture in these two rooms as well. The inspector will check if the cabinets and drawers are easy to pull out and close and are in proper, smooth condition and the appliances are working condition and maintained well.
  4. Electrical– The inspector will look at the electrical panel to see if it is working properly, test all light switches and plug ins, ensure all GFIC’s are being used in the proper areas and there is no exposed wiring.
  5. HVAC– The inspector will test the furnace to see if it turns on and off properly, check vents and filters, look at duct work if possible and the thermostat.
  6. Plumbing– The inspector will test the shut off valve, all exposed piping to check for proper sealing, check all faucets that they shut on and off with no leaks and test toilets are running properly.

Before buying a Condo, an inspection should be a must. Our certified inspector will do a thorough inspection and provide a detailed report with pictures to the customer 24 hours or less after completing the inspection. Give us a call today!

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